The original Red Delicious which is one of the most well-known apples ,found all over the world today. The group of red apples is formed by the family of Red Delicious, the original variety that has given rise to multiple varieties.


           Origin: America.


        Features: The colour of its skin is a smooth and thin bright red skin which is sweet and juicy. It is excellent for eating as a snack, in salad, when used as garnish. It has a somewhat elongate shape. The pulp is of a white, smooth and uniform colour, although it softens very fast. It has a bad conservation. This variety is widely cultivated in Europe, mainly in France, Turkey and Italy. It is available all the year round.


           Collection: From end of the September till early October.


           Availability: All year round.    

       Packaging: Plastic Box, Cardboard Box, Wooden Box, with different sizes as demand.



      Granny Smith apples are light green in colour. It is one of the original supermarket varieties, and one of the first international varieties, a role for which it was well suited. The tough skin and amazing keeping qualities meant it could easily be shipped around the world. There is only one word to describe the flavour of Granny Smith: Slightly acidic, it can also be very refreshing and works well in salads.


            Origin: Australia in 1860s.


            Features: Medium to large in size and round in shape with a juicy thick skin. It is also a snack or a tasteful addition to recipes. Because these green apples are have a higher acid content than other apples. Granny Smith apples are also known to cell repairing antioxidants and rich in Vitamin C.


             Collection: From end of the October till early November.


             Availability: Almost all year round.


          Packaging: Plastic Box, Cardboard Box, Wooden Box, with different sizes as demand.



        This variety is known from the beginning of the last century. It was first cultivated from a seed in the United States. The Golden Delicious has a rich, juicy and satisfying flavour.The second-most popular variety in the world. The variety Golden Delicious is the queen of the yellow varieties.


              Origin: USA.


              Features: This apple is one that will stay white longer when cut and therefore is great for salads. The skin has a uniform greenish yellow colour; the part of the fruit that has been exposed to the sun shows some reddish tones. It has a rounded and regular shape and a crispy, slightly juicy flesh, quite sweet, slightly acidic and aromatic. Less acidic than Granny Smith.


              Collection: September.


              Availability: September to May. 


             Packaging: Plastic Box, Cardboard Box, Wooden Box, with different sizes as demand.