Daha Fazla Göster




        Tomato is one of the major foods in Turkish Cuisine and other cuisines.

It is consumed not only fresh, but also as tomato paste, tomato juice, canned pickle, jam and ketch-up. In additon to this wide usage area, due to the fact that it is needed to be consumed all seasons since it is healthy and natural, the importance of sun dried tomatoes is increasing each year.


          PRODUCT TYPES 

           PRODUCT SPECS

  • Sun dried tomato with salt, sulphur

  • Sun dried tomato with sulphur

  • Sun dried tomato with salt

           PACKING TYPES


  • As a bulk in a carton box (10 kg.)

  • Vacuumed bags (10 kg.)
    (10kg * 1), (5kg * 2), (2.5kg * 4)