Whole Pitted Mediterranean style be processed from sound, nature fresh Turkish apricots which have been harvested by hand, washed with pure water, sun dried, graded for size, and sorted for general defects. The product shall present a bright color (Brown to dark brown), taste and smell typical of well processed dried apricots.

         Whole pitted quality apricots are subject to stringent cleaning and inspection process to ensure a product free of foreign matter and fermentation.


  1. Moisture : Max. 25 % (Determined by the DFA moisture tester)

  2. Sizing : The fruit pieces shall be uniform in size and not showing more than %8 by weight of smaller and/or larger.

  3. Color : Characteristic – Brown to dark brown

  4. Flavour : Aromatic, sweet, typical of dried apricots, free from any objectionable tastes outer surface

   5.Texture : Clean and firm in texture, slightly wrinkled outer surface